Illuminated Self

Illumination Healing™ Series I

 No Pre-requisite for Illumination Healing™ Series I

This set of 6 classes (in a 3-day program) focuses on Personal Energy - knowing who you are and where you are in the world. You receive attunement to Illumination Healing™ I and training with exercises that enhance your connection to the earth, and to your breath. A few of the topics covered are:

  • Activation with four new and wonderful Illumination Healing™ Symbols
  • The Directions
  • Universal Keys and Symbols
  • Embodied Meditations
  • Breath, Harmony, and Rhythm
  • Energetic Protection, Boundaries, and Space Clearing
  • Claiming Your Medicine
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Certification in Illumination Healing™ I and much more!

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"Illumination Healing™ has really helped me ground myself, my practice, space and clients. My intuition and safe and grounded container (my body) is becoming an empty vessel for healing beyond my imagination! Thank you Michelle and Rosemary for bringing this amazing information, knowledge and healing to the Universe and us. Feeling so honored to be going through this journey with you both and our fellow classmates!" K.B.

"I've been using the Illumination Healing symbols in the corners of the conference rooms at my workplace. I have a corporate technology job. I go into the conference rooms before meetings and draw the symbols before people come in. I've been amazed at how the confrontational and angry demeanors typical to some people have disappeared. People are smiling, joking, happy, and having fun. Just goes to show you can use this material wherever you find yourself and in what role." B.C.

"My experience was wonderful, I liked the way the sessions were set up so that I had time to soak in all the information and attunements. I was able to integrate the learning and experiences from class into my everyday life and work. I truly enjoy the philosophy of the Illumination Healing™ program and the balance of being grounded yet able to safely tap into the spiritual realm. Michelle and Rosemary are extraordinary teachers with all their unique years of experience. Looking forward to more instruction and enlightenment in Illumination Healing™." Kendra