Our Story

Illumination Healing™ is a curriculum of advanced training written and channeled by Michelle Hawk and her mother, Rosemary Levesque. The materials and practices of Illumination Healing™ have come from both of their 20+ years of cumulative experience working with Reiki and other energetic healing modalities. Over the years, they have both kept separate journals full of information they channeled from Spirit. This includes symbols and practices that they have collected over the years.

When they shared their journals with each other a couple of years ago, they were astonished to note that they were actually channeling several of the same symbols and information! In sitting with this knowledge, it became obvious that these healing tools wanted to make themselves known to the world. Illumination Healing™ combines these channeled symbols with wisdom gained from their personal and professional practices, as well as both of their studies and practices with Shamanic energies. The result is a beautiful curriculum of advanced training that complements any energy healing practice.